Friday, February 10, 2012

2010 Viejo Isaias Clasico BONARDA (Mendoza, Argentina)

Typical modern "international style" red.  Big, fleshy, extracted, and oaky . . . but it's almost impossible to tell what is is and where it's from.

Almost fully-saturated black ruby.  Oaky nose, featuring loads of baker's chocolate and some jammy dark berry fruit underneath.  Dark, chocolatey flavors as well.  In terms of flavor intensity, there's a lot here, but it tastes more like some labor-intensive mocha drink from Starbucks than a Bonarda (which should have loads of red berry fruit and good acids).  If you like the oaky, way ripe, very extracted "international style," you'll like this more than I did.  To me, this is a C+.  Was $9.99 at the Clarendon-area Whole Foods in Arlington.  Imported by Kysela Pere et Fils. 

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