Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2010 Domaine les Ondines COTES DU RHONE "La Buissonnade" (Southern France)

A good, cheap entry level Cotes du Rhone.  At its price point, it delivers.

Luminescent dark ruby/violet.  Medium intensity nose of ripe, spicy, black raspberries, tart acidity (yes, you can smell the acidity), and high-toned stoniness.  Dark spicy blackberry/black cherry fruit with loads of rocky minerals and a teensy bit of iodiney burnt herbs.  Not terribly concentrated, and the finish thins out quicker than I'd like, but the flavors and balance make this a nice, refreshing weekday dinner accompaniment.  B.  Imported by Wine Traditions of Falls Church, VA, this wine was $9.99 at Arrowine in Arlington.

(Sorry, 2007 depicted).

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