Monday, February 27, 2012

2009 Dragonia "Old Vine" GARNACHA (Carinena, Spain)

A good value, pure-tasting, easy-drinking wine for weekday dinners.  Not especially concentrated but the flavors are very nice.

Absolutely pure-looking ruby.  And I mean ruby, as in, take a ruby, and imagine it's a liquid.  Nose is likely freshly put-up ripe raspberry jam, with a very subtle hint of clean cracked stones.  Ripe and mouthfilling, with ripe raspberry fruit, good acids, full body, and a bit of soft tannin for structure.  Not particularly concentrated, but fun to guzzle with dinner.  B.  Drink over the next year.  Was $9.99 at Arrowine in Arlington.  Imported by A W Direct, Inc, of Novato, CA.


UGA Wino said...

Do you have any idea if this is the same wine that used to be known as D'Aragon? The labels look really similar - same colors, same stylized dragon/shield...Garnacha from Carinena.

Anyway, that was a great wine that tasted just as you describe. For my money, there isn't a better $10 varietal than Grenache/Garnacha. I've got to find out now if this is the same stuff.

Tom Casagrande said...

Seems more than plausible to me.