Sunday, March 19, 2006

2003 Domaine Paul Blanck Alsace Riesling (France)

Here's a very nice, if atypical, Alsace Riesling. Deepish straw-gold with brassy highlights. Big, fruity nose of lemon/lime, skins of ripe Red Delicious apples, and chalky/petrolly minerals. Big in the mouth too, with rich apply/pear flavors, with stones in the background. Full-bodied, with just barely perceptible residual sweetness. Not complex, but quite satisfying -- kind of like a big, goofy friend. Very low acidity gives it a flatter mouthfeel than most Alsace Rieslings, but I liked it despite this small criticism. Not a Riesling to age, but to drink now. 87. $16.43 (which isn't bad for an Alsace Riesling) at the Spec's on Westheimer & Waugh.

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