Monday, November 14, 2005

Cost Plus World Marketplace: Off My List

This store--located on Richmond adjacent to Best Buy near the Loop--used to be one of my favorite places for wine bargain hunting. NO MORE.

Two primary reasons. First, and foremost, they've actually INCREASED their prices on many wines simply sitting on the shelf. What could possibly be the reason for doing that?? It's one thing if you re-order and your cost has gone up. It's entirely another to simply put a new sticker on an existing wine raising the price 20%. That ticks me off.

Second, the store has gotten much more commercial in its wine selections. My sense is that there are fewer and fewer off-the-beaten-path bargains, and more of the same stuff you see in Randall's or Krogers.

So, I'm crossing this store off my list. If I'm there for other things, I may look at the wine, but no more trips there just to check out the vino.

UPDATE (11/18): Roberto, in response to your comment: Cost Plus's pricing is, in my view, now higher than Spec's almost across the board.

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Dionysus said...

Hey! Wait a minute! You have to think about the rest of us. You have to ask yourself "have their prices gone above the benchmark Speck's"? If so then you are right about crossing them off your list. If their prices are competitive then you have a choice to make but if their prices are lower you need to continue to shop there. This promotes competition and that will help us all. The price increases are probably just typical Christmas season price gouging. Have a happy holliday season!