Sunday, April 03, 2011

2008 Leonce Bocquet MACON (Rouge) (Southern Burgundy, France)

It's funny. Macon and Beaujolais are right next to each other. Both make Chardonnay based whites and Gamay based reds. But Beaujolais' reds are better than their whites, and Macon's whites better than their reds. But when I ever see a Macon rouge, I always give it a try and root for the exception. This was not it, but it was a decent quaffing wine.

Very light bright ruby. High-toned nose of almost Kool Aid-like blackberry and cherry, along with rock dust. Light, gulpable flavors of cherry and light minerality. Slug this back with a plate of good salami, coppa, or other good quality cured meats and bread. B-. Imported by Patriarche Pere . Was $12 and change at Spec's on Richmond.

(Sorry, can't find a photo.)

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