Saturday, January 22, 2011

2008 Casal Farneto LACRIMA DI MORRO D'ALBA "Rosae" (Marche, Italy)

Unfamiliar with this wine, I wrongly assumed it was from Piemonte because of the word "Alba" in the name, but my brother set me straight: it's from the Marche, where my ancestors are from, so I should have known!

In any event, this is a unique and really good wine.

Dense purple-tinged ruby. Big, crunchy, grapey nose with fair amount of minerals. Massive amounts of dense, crunchy, richly grapey fruit in a very outgoing style. Direct and mouthfilling. Dry, but as fruit-filled as can be. This would be really fun to drink in the summertime with a little chill on it. Loads of pure fruit in the finish but with a touch of bitterness to offset all that fruit. Nice change of pace! 88. Imported by Enotec Imports, Denver. Was $15.99 at Houston Wine Merchant. (We'll just click on "under $15" so I can get you to try it.)

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casagrand1 said...

In fact, this is produced less than 20 miles from Castel Colonna