Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2006 Turley ZINFANDEL "Cedarman" (Howell Mtn., Cal.)

Richard's on Westheimer and Kirby got in a few bottles of this and another Turley Zin, so, being the Zinficianado that I am, I had to get one of each.

Yup, it was really really good.

In my experience, Zinfandels from Howell Mountain tend to exhibit a pungent, resiny-minerally cracked black peppercorn component -- I remember first experiencing this with a couple bottles of '79 Cakebread Howell Mtn Zin a long time ago -- and this wine had it too.

Dark black ruby, but not as saturated as I expected. On the nose, the peppercorn thing mixed with brambly berry fruit and crushed rock powder. Rich, minerally, and focused in the mouth, with a substantial smoked meat flavor. Big on tannin, but in a soft way. Long, long finish. 91.

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