Tuesday, August 22, 2006

2004 Schlumberger PINOT BLANC "Les Abbes" (Alsace, France)

I've had this wine over several vintages, and this one was OK, but a bit disappointing given the track record of this producer. Usually, you can count on Schlumberger wines to be big, ripe galoots. Not a lot of complexity, but a lot of ripeness and character. This one was on the austere side.

Very pale straw gold color. Nose of chalky minerals, herbs, white grape skins, and tangerine peel. Crisp, minerally, bitter citrus flavors. Refreshing and nicely balanced, with a steely, crisp finish. A little more ripe fruit would have been welcome, but it wasn't bad, by any stretch. 84. Was $11.80 at Spec's on Smith.

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