Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2009 Xavier Vignon CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE "Cuvee Anonyme" (Rhone Valley, France)

I've now had two bottles of this wine, one today and one about 6 months ago.  Robert Parker rated it a 96.  But here's what I don't get.  To me, it tastes so young, unformed, and dumb, I don't understand how anybody could give it any rating whatsoever at this point.  It's hard, unforgiving, unyielding, tight, and tannic.  Imagine a wine glass filled with a hammer (in liquid form).  Frankly, neither bottle has been pleasurable.  I have no idea how this will develop, if at all.  I'm going to leave the last 2 bottles for 2020 (if I am blessed enough to still be around at that point).  I guess I'll have to wait until then to see how talented and prescient the master is.  'Cause right now, all I know is that I am just not psychic enough to say a damn thing about how it may or may not develop.

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