Monday, April 09, 2012

2010 DeAngelis ROSSO PICENO (Marche, Italy)

I feel about this wine the way that the right wing must feel about Romney.  The words say one thing but the reality is very watered down.  This is an Italian copy of a Beaujolais.  Not even a real Beaujolais . . . a Georges DeBoeuf industrial candy Beaujolais.

Bright ruby color with a thin sheen of micro bubbles.  Fruity nose of tangy plums and strawberry along with a cherry soda component.  Cherry and peach juice fruit in the mouth, with no tannin, a soft texture with a faint prickle of CO2, and a fruit-juicy clean finish.  More like a soft drink or fruit smoothie than a wine.  Not that it's unpleasant, but WTF?  C-.  Was under $10 at Whole Foods in Clarendon.  Imported by Potomac Selections, Landover, MD.

UPDATE:  You know what?  Now that I've slept on it, I've changed my mind.  F.  This is a travesty.  Is there technically anything wrong with it?  No.  Does it taste and smell pleasant?  Yes.  But it is so wrong for a supposed Marchegiano Montepulciano/Sangiovese blend.

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