Sunday, November 06, 2011

2007 "El Castro de Valtuille" MENCIA Joven (Bierzo, Spain)

This intensely-extracted wine, made from the indigenous Mencia varietal, needs 3-5 more years of cellaring, but is enjoyable now if you're not averse to a bit of a tannic blast.

Almost completely saturated black ruby.  Rich nose of dark, blackberry extract, scorched earth, and pungent crushed stones.  Tannic, rich, dry, and slightly astringent in the mouth.  A highly-extracted bruiser of a wine.  Good length, bone dry.  B(+).  Was $16.99 at Houston Wine Merchant.  Imported by Boutique Wine Collection, Phila., PA.

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UGA Wino said...

I'm keeping my eye on Mencia wondering if it will ever become what Spanish Garnacha became a few years ago. Is there enough of it out there to ever be more than a role player? I don't know.

I've had a nasty Mencia or two (La Mano Roble comes to mind), but most I've had have been very interesting for their rustic, briery, black- and blueberry notes and good minerality. Perfect combination of good extraction and good structure.

If you want to try one in the next price range, look for the Casar de Burbia. Retails for about $30, but I think its worth every penny.