Sunday, May 29, 2011

2008 Trimbach RIESLING Reserve (Alsace, France)

I LOVE this style of Riesling -- fragrant, lean, so crisp as to be zingy, bone dry yet with wonderfully ripe Riesling fruit.  Very much in the classic Trimbach style.

Very pale bright gold.  Classic Alsace Riesling nose of piercing green apple, tea, and powdered granite, it features crisp, bracing, intense flavors of fresh-crushed green apple juice poured over lemon drenched stones.  Very tight now, this wine will age effortlessly for another 4 years or so.  Not as full and ripe a style as a lot of Alsace producers are now trending toward, this really is a classic wine.  A.  I got this on sale from for $20.

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Sara said...

Just discovered your blog while searching this Trimbach Riesling, which is the current featured Alsatian wine at the Austin Wine Merchant. In addition to enjoying your reviews, I'm also appreciating your references to online wine retailers that ship to Texas -- although with the dog days of summer already fully upon us it will be some time before it's feasible to ship here.