Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving wine #1: 2007 Argyle PINOT NOIR (Willamette Valley, Oregon)

An incredibly fragrant Pinot Noir, but lacking just a bit of concentration on the palate.

Shockingly light ruby color. Very fragrant nose of sappy, earthy cherries, pomegranate, and smoky peat. Low-toned attack in the mouth, with dark, macerated cherries and scorched earthy, iodiney minerals. A bit thinner in the mid-palate than the extraordinary nose would lead one to believe. Fairly long, resiny, minerally finish. 90 for the nose, 87 for the palate. Was $29 at Whole Foods on Bellaire.

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Chris said...

If you are looking for extracted, California style, you will need to give 07 Oregon a pass. Look for 06s or wait for 08. Also, you might enjoy wines from the Eola-Amity Hills AVA. A little south of Dundee hills, tends to have bigger fruit presence on palate (without being jam). Specs downtown has a growing selection and their burgundy guy knows Oregon pretty well